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Giving you the skills and confidence to thrive in school or the workplace


Giving you the skills and confidence to thrive in school or the workplace

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Optimum Training & Tutoring is a premier educational service provider assisting adults and youth of all ages with high value, individual and group instruction to achieve success since 2010! A huge variety of subjects and practical support, at both secondary and post-secondary level, are available to overcome multiple barriers and to prepare for testing, achieve credentials, prepare for further training, or return to work. Optimum’s highly screened and qualified instructors holding doctorate, masters, and bachelor degrees, are simply the best available at supporting successful outcomes! Learning is available online and in person throughout Canada and the US.
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Client Testimonials

Steven E.

GED* Exam Preparation Course

I am a WCB claimant, that after a great many years find myself having to return to school to become employable again. I returned to an education system that was completely foreign to anything I had seen in school before. I turned to Optimum Tutoring as I was not understanding the new curriculum. If not for the amazing instruction that I received during this course, I would not have earned the A that I received. The tutoring was tailored from my practical experience and was thorough in explanation. I could not have asked for better than what I received. Thanks again Marcio and Optimum Tutoring.

Brigitte M.

Computer Skills Training Course

Justin was unequivocally one of the most skilled and knowledgeable teachers I have encountered as an adult learner.He was extremely attentive and patient and provided me with a wide variety of ways to learn.The lesson plans that he prepared were always the right fit for me.He made learning fun, challenging and empowering.I was coached, guided and encouraged to use my learning in a variety of settings.I feel confident now that I will be able build on solid ground and contribute in a meaningful way to my workplace. Justin’s teaching style was the right fit for me.I appreciated his punctuality, availability and professionalism.

Brian J.


I have had the pleasure of using Optimum Tutoring Service for a few month of this year and can say I would absolutely use and recommend this service to anyone that is in need of help. My tutor went above and beyond my expectations and helped me not just learn one way, he always showed me at least 3 to 5 different ways to learn what I needed to learn. He was very polite and courteous to all my questions and needs. If I ever got stuck on something while I was working on it by myself ,he was only a phone call away and would not charge me for it, and always put away his own stuff aside to help me. I did not only get help with my work, I also made a new friend. I truly enjoyed my time with my tutor and look forward to using this service in the future. Happy Holidays to everyone at the Optimum Tutoring and their family . Truly, Truly a great experience with all of you all.

Ruth K.

Transportation Law, Accounting, and Economics

I, Ruth, needed tutoring help with my University studies. I would recommend this service to all students in any subject. The tutors are professional and enjoy helping me with all my questions. I will continue to use this service Sandra is a hard-working lady who finds the right tutor so if you need professional Tutoring I recommend this service above all others.


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