Tutor Testimonials

Here's what our tutors are saying about us:

I have been working for Optimum since November 2012 and the experience has and still is invigorating.  I am learning more about different students, from basic to advanced levels.  I've gained so much knowledge where it has provided me with the ability to teach and help students at various levels.  The growth spurt of what I was to what I am now is surreal.  With my permission you may publish my opinion in your website.  Thank you for making me a part of this experience.

Ted V.
I have been working with Optimum for three years. I teach statistics and math at university and high school levels. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to help others to grow academically. It is rewarding to hear from your tutees ‘I could not do it without your excellent academic and emotional support’. Optimum’s resources allowed me to develop significantly as an instructor / tutor. It is a pleasure to work with professional team of people at Optimum Tutoring Solutions.

Maria K.

Working with Optimum Tutoring Solutions Inc. has been a rewarding experience. It allows me to enhance my teaching skills; there’s nothing like the thrill of watching a student grasp a concept they’ve been struggling with and see the light in their eyes. The families have all been pleasant to work with. The company prides themselves in excellent customer service which they strive to maintain. Using their program a student can definitely improve their marks in their academic pursuits.

Kavitha, Central Alberta



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