Native Community Tutoring

Tutoring for the Native Community, Aboriginal, First nations and Métis Native Community Tutoring

Optimum Tutoring has a special understanding of the educational needs of first nations and aboriginal communities through our ongoing work with native community centres and clients.

We will provide custom-tailored tutoring that addresses your specific needs, which will then be expertly managed by our qualified, experienced and friendly tutors.

Our tutors have a consistently high success rate in tutoring one-on-one, small groups or classrooms in the following areas:
  • GED Exam Preparation
  • Pre-Trades Courses
  • Power Engineering Exam Preparation
  • AutoCAD
  • Computer Training (Windows and Office)

We will be happy to provide a free consultation and recommendation that is custom fit to your needs!

Native Community Testimonials

RDAES (Red Deer Aboriginal Employment Society) is a non-profit organization that was looking for a tutoring company that could instruct and prepare our clientele to write and pass the GED exam. We found Optimum Tutoring on-line, we contacted them, and received a very quick response within days. Since then, we have been using their services for over a year and are very satisfied with their professionalism and their eagerness to accommodate our needs and our client's needs. The tutors are very knowledgeable and they make learning interesting and fun. Our students success rate has significantly increased since using their services. RDAES has no hesitations in recommending Optimum Tutoring. 

Red Deer Aboriginal Employment Society, Red Deer, AB

 I am a WCB claimant, that after a great many years find myself having to return to school to become employable again. I returned to an education system that was completely foreign to anything I had seen in school before. I turned to Optimum Tutoring as I was not understanding the new curriculum. If not for the amazing instruction that I received during this course, I would not have earned the A that I received.  The tutoring was tailored from my practical experience and was thorough in explanation. I could not have asked for better than what I received. Thanks again Marcio and Optimum Tutoring.

Steven E., WCB claimant Calgary, AB
I found OPTIMUM Tutoring a while back because of a job change. My tutor was very easy to get along with and made learning fun and interesting. My tutor related my past work experience with the current material she taught and made it easier for me to learn. Now I can use the Internet and search online for information. Recently I was assessed at a Grade 5 Level. I had a good experience with OPTIMUM Tutoring Solution’s management and tutor. I would surely recommend them to anyone needing help.

Earl B.WCB claimant Rimbey, AB




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