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Tutoring - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Frequently Asked Questions About Tutoring   


What are the most important qualities in a tutor?
The ability to listen to their student, show the student how to teach him or herself, instil self-confidence, make learning an enjoyable experience, note knowledge deficiencies and guide their student in making these up, and motivate the student.

What is your customer satisfaction?
Based on our clients' feedback about 95% of all our clients are very satified with the service.  All the clients, who follow our tutor's instructions and complete assignments, actively participate in tutoring sessions, and attend tutoring regularly, report significant improvement in their grades after receiving tutoring from our instructors.

How do you recruit your tutors?
We have a strict recruitment process.  Candidates must submit the record of their academic accomplishment (i.e. proof of a degree, transcripts), pass an assessment test in their subject matter with a minimum score of 80%. They must also pass the Tutor Certification Test with a minimum score of 75%.  During the interview we assess the tutor's ability to explain concepts clearly as well as their interpersonal skills.  Candidates must submit a Certified Criminal Record Check not older than six months, current Child Intervention Record Check and references.

What certification, training and experience do your tutors have?
Our tutors are highly qualified in their subject matter.  They include university and college professors, professionals with a degree in their tutored area, teachers and university students with high academic standing.  Many of them hold a masters or doctoral degree and teach at the university or college level.

Will I get the same tutor every time?
Yes.  From our initial consultation we choose the best and most suitable tutor for you, one who is prepared to be your service provider from start to finish.


Is your teaching system custom-tailored to each student?
Yes. We understand the many different ways that children learn and how best to adjust our teaching style to help them.

What are the tutoring options?
We offer one-on-one tutoring, as well as small group tutoring (two to three students to one instructor), small classroom instructions (maximum 12 students in a group).

What if a tutoring option is not listed on your website?
Please call us and we will most likely be able to help you.

Do you provide an assessment?
Yes.  We provide written assessment tests in Language Arts and Mathematics and Chemistry.  The assessment process in one subject takes about 45 minutes. The tests is used to evaluate student's knowledge and skills. While the student writes the assessement test the assessor observes the student and asks questions to evaluate his or her study habits, learning style, thinking process, and stress management.  The results are presented orally or in a detailed written report.  The written report of the assessment is an important Blueprint that the tutor can use to plan and conduct lessons with the student.

What are your scheduling options?
The timing of tutoring sessions is determined between tutor and client at the client's convenience.  Minimum tutoring time requirements must be met for best results of tutoring.

If I have questions or concerns, whom do I contact?
Our dedication to customer service is absolute.  If you have a question or concern that cannot be answered by your tutor, you can call us directly.

Tutoring Subjects

What subjects do you provide tutoring for?
Please refer to the subjects page on our website.

Tutoring Locations

Where does the tutoring take place?
Teaching takes place in your own home or in a preferred location.  In-home tutoring is usually most convenient for students and their parents, and allows for fewer distractions.  However our tutors are flexible and can arrange for an alternate location.

What geographical location do you service?
We service Calgary, Edmonton and Central Alberta.



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